Wednesday, June 13

Teen bedrooms

Here's an idea for you!! Take a photo of your teens bedroom, probably messy and gross but hopefully lovely and tidy, hehe. And scrap it!! They'll thank you one day.
I kind of wish I could look back into my bedroom now and see what it was like - messy, tidy, I can't remember actually. What was on the walls, on the floors, hanging around, LOL, like Emmas room here. Have fun with this idea and send your layouts to along with any other teen layouts or tips you may have.


Lee Ilka



JudyG said...

Ok...I'm going in (wish me luck!). Great prompt!

grover said...

great layouts!
yes..those chaotic rooms looks mighty familiar!

Anonymous said...

I love all of the layouts. I think I already have some pictures, so I will start this challenge right away.
Nancy M

charmaine said...

oh boy can i relate:)

my first visit to this blog but ill be back :)