Wednesday, June 6

More cool teen layouts

Our first layout is from Sharon Manning of her 'cheeky' but cute daughter. Capturing the everyday stuff with teenagers, LOL."You can dress them up and they still make faces" said Julie Allen-Waters when she sent in this layout of her son dressed in a suit.This layout sent in by Lisa Warner really cracked me up, of her son and daughter in a moment of not wanting to have their photo taken. ROFL. Thanks Lisa. Love the journaling.And last but not least this layout sent all the way from Germany by Barbara Haane of her daughter jumping up and shouting "No more pictures, mom". The title translates to 'Escape'. And as Barbara said our theme 'Get out of my Face' fits with teenagers all over the world!!
Keep sending in those layouts. We'd love to share them!! And don't forget if you have any cool teen links or tips, please share those too.


Jo said...

Lol just loving these layouts everyone! And yes I think teens not wanting to have their photos taken is pretty much universal. It is so great to see the support we are getting, fantastic!

Lee said...

Wow, great layouts!!! A special hallo und phantatisch to Barbara!!

Axel said...

Hi love the Layouts, where do we send them to, either im tired or blind lol

Barbara said...

Thank you so much for all the inspiration on this blog ! As a mother of 4 teenagers I sure appreciate the input, and I love the funny side of scrapbooking !