Sunday, June 17

Another Teen Bedroom

Sorry I am late ladies...had the week from hell trying to set up wireless internet for the kid's computer so we can put it in the dining room where I can see what they are up to on it! Mum's of teens I know you will relate to this totally lol! Anyhoo here is my teen's room - it is an atrocious mess - this was a good day, you should see it now! but there are some places in there that I like to look at when I venture in, her nicknack dresser is always tidy for some reason, even though her desk is piled with folded washing, rubbish and general paraphanalia. She has this cool clear umbrella she has hung from the curtain rod and filled with stuff and along with the rainblow she has painted and hung on the wall it looks really funky, and her porcelain baby doll in the moses basket I used when Sarah was a babe is never covered in junk either. So I called this layout "Some calm among the chaos" to show that there are some nice parts in an otherwise chaotic mess! Glad to see there are other messy rooms out there and it is NOT a reflection of my bad parenting lol.

Jo :O)

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Pam said...

I've just found your blog, and it is just what I need. I had almost given up scrapping my teens in favour of my little nieces and nephews who are still sweet and cute (and cooperative in front of a camera!) But your blog has inspired me to stcik with my own often irrating, almost always uncooperative teenagers. So I have some LOs i would like to share- how do I do that?