Monday, October 13

Questions & Answers

Sorry for the long delay between the themes. Seems like everyone was extremely busy the last few weeks with SENZ and other work commitments. Anyhows, the new theme is questions and answers something I guess we should do quite frequently with our teenz. If they cooperate that is ;p
Here is mine about Chris, he wasn't so into answering at first but then got into the swing of things. Thanks huni *hugs*

Here is my take on this great theme. It was my eldest son Chris's 18th in the holidays so this was a great time to interview him about some of his childhood memories and dreams for the future. :))) Sarah

Sorry for dragging the chain on this one. I took the letter option. This is a layout I did recently after I'd been grumpy at Ash (probably for a very good reason lol). It was for the Design Your Life class by Cathy Z at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

the journaling reads

Dear Ash

Just a little note to let you know how much I love you and to tell you that I’m really proud of you.You’re working hard to pass your NCEA Level 3 exams and busy looking for a holiday job to see you through until the start of University next year.You passed your full drivers license last week which is great. You were so thrilled when you came back waving the piece of paper that said you’d passed. A huge difference from a week earlier when you’d come back having failed. You were really angry and upset. I really felt for you but couldn’t do much to relieve your pain.You and Dan seem to get on really well and he is fast becoming part of the furniture. He fits in really well here and is easy to have around. You have a great bunch of friends. Your close ones have changed a bit over the last few years as you all go your own separate ways but the friends you have now are great - almost like daughters to me lol.Anyway - sorry I was grumpy and yelled at you tonight. Love you heaps. Mum xxx

I thought I'd also add this other one that I did tonight following a tutorial by Taylormade on blending. (and using one of her overlays) - it has the writing theme going so I figured it would be ok to post it as another option.