Sunday, December 21

Holiday Fun

Hi All,
Ann here, it's my turn to set the new theme and seeing as we are only a few days away from being visited by the big man in the red suit....I decided it would be good to show some holiday/ Seasonal layouts.

The team will post their layouts when they can, I'm sure you all will understand how busy everyone is at the this time of year.

But to get things started, here is a layout featuring my teens and their younger sister on xmas day.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Hi All, I hope you're all organised for the upcoming week and holidays - may it be fun and stress-free.

I'm only just doing my xmas shopping now but I refuse to let it stress me - 4 more sleeps till xmas and 5 more sleeps until its all over - what is the point of stressing??

Here is a layout I did for a recent competition over at Eidou using their collaboration Mega Digital Kit - Mistletoe & Wine

and here is another version of it, using the more traditional colours, the same kit and of course - the same photo. Lets be honest, how many times can you get your teenager to pose wearing a Santa hat?? I count myself lucky that she did it at all!

Have a Safe & Happy Christmas - Michele

Hi Everyone

Here are two from me. They are actually 8 x 8 LOs taken from my Chrismas diary minialbum ( I am trying to scrap a page a day throughout the xmas period since this is an extra special xmas for us - we are expecting a new little addition to our family in February )

Have a wonderful Xmas and a very happy new year - Sarah :)

Monday, December 15

To Share

Hi all,
We haven't forgotten about you, but with the festive season upon us everyone has been busy organising things for christmas with their families.

In the meantime check out a couple of gorgeous layouts sent through by Marci Negranza.
Thank you for sharing your lovely pages with us Marci.....They are just beautiful!

Watch out for a new theme to be posted soon and Merry Christmas to all of our readers.

Wednesday, November 12

Hi there everyone. Adrienne here.....
For our project this time I decided we could all try some background techniques on our layouts. I hope you like my experimentation. The swirls on my LO are stamped using a blend of different coloured chalk inks on clear stamps. Once inked up, spritz the stamp with water and stamp on paper. It works best on watercolour paper as ordinary cardstock curls a bit as it drys. But, hey, it was FUN!! I also used the inks to distress other parts of the LO. I really enjoyed doing this LO. Hope you enjoy trying this technique.

Hi everyone,
My technique for this theme is to use a serviette as a background 'paper'.
This is a really quick and simple technique to do.
Firstly find a serviette that you like and cut it down to fit your page....I tore the edges of mine.
Then peel away the two layers of white backing paper from the printed top piece.
I used a spray adhesive to then attach the now thin layer of tissue paper to my page.
Gently smooth out the tissue to remove any air bubbles underneath and you are then ready to add your photo and embellishments to the page.

Serviettes and tissues then take on a whole new world of possibilities!
Have fun with this technique...
Hi everyone
For my take on this one I sewed onto my background paper to make the spider web. It is easier to prepunch the holes in the cardstock before stitching the thread through them.
Thanks for looking :)Sarah

Monday, October 13

Questions & Answers

Sorry for the long delay between the themes. Seems like everyone was extremely busy the last few weeks with SENZ and other work commitments. Anyhows, the new theme is questions and answers something I guess we should do quite frequently with our teenz. If they cooperate that is ;p
Here is mine about Chris, he wasn't so into answering at first but then got into the swing of things. Thanks huni *hugs*

Here is my take on this great theme. It was my eldest son Chris's 18th in the holidays so this was a great time to interview him about some of his childhood memories and dreams for the future. :))) Sarah

Sorry for dragging the chain on this one. I took the letter option. This is a layout I did recently after I'd been grumpy at Ash (probably for a very good reason lol). It was for the Design Your Life class by Cathy Z at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

the journaling reads

Dear Ash

Just a little note to let you know how much I love you and to tell you that I’m really proud of you.You’re working hard to pass your NCEA Level 3 exams and busy looking for a holiday job to see you through until the start of University next year.You passed your full drivers license last week which is great. You were so thrilled when you came back waving the piece of paper that said you’d passed. A huge difference from a week earlier when you’d come back having failed. You were really angry and upset. I really felt for you but couldn’t do much to relieve your pain.You and Dan seem to get on really well and he is fast becoming part of the furniture. He fits in really well here and is easy to have around. You have a great bunch of friends. Your close ones have changed a bit over the last few years as you all go your own separate ways but the friends you have now are great - almost like daughters to me lol.Anyway - sorry I was grumpy and yelled at you tonight. Love you heaps. Mum xxx

I thought I'd also add this other one that I did tonight following a tutorial by Taylormade on blending. (and using one of her overlays) - it has the writing theme going so I figured it would be ok to post it as another option.

Wednesday, September 10

From our readers

Hi all Ann here, time to share some layouts that two of our readers have sent through.
Apologies ladies for making you wait so long, i have been away from the computer for the last two weeks in the warm and sunny Gold Coast.

The first three layouts are from Laura Le Claire.

Love the photoshoot on the last layout.
Thank you for sharing your work with us Laura.

And this layout was sent in by Antoinette.

Antoinette had this to say...

"As a regular visitor of your site, I've often thought about sending one of my layouts, but never had the courage to do so, lol. When I saw your latest subject, I just had to send you the layout of my two daughters (13 and 11, going on 21 and 18 :p). They argue from dusk till dawn, but they always want to be in each other's company *sigh* Sounds familiar?

Many thanks for your wonderful site, I will keep visiting for sure!"

Thanks for being brave and taking the time to submit a layout to Scrap The Teenz Antoinette, it's lovely to see your work (and it wasn't that scary was

We love featuring our readers creations, after all this site is here to inspire you to scrap those important years in your teens life.

We look forward to seeing anything you would like to share.

The team will be posting a new theme soon so keep checking back.

Wednesday, August 20

Teens and their Siblings (or close family)

Hi, Sarah here. I chose "Teens and their Siblings" as the theme this time. I have 5 kids varying in age from 3 to 17 so I have lots of opportunities to record those priceless moments between brothers and sisters. Here is my take on this one. I took the photo last week whilst Jaime (15) and Sophie (3) were just fooling around in front of the TV. Its not a particularly great photo but it is so representative of the relationship that they share right now that I love it.

:) Sarah

Hi everyone, Adrienne here. What a great theme to scrap! Thanks Sarah...I just love the way the boys share life - even though they dont realise the bond they are forming with each other each day. Enjoy!!

Michele here, how is everyone?I loved this theme and it couldnt have come at a better time? DD #1 is living away from home now but often calls in home, to raid the cupboards and use the computer.

Ashleigh let out a yell the other night when she got a message from her darling big sister on facebook - saying that she seems to have a wardrobe full of Ashleigh's clothes, but that Ash was welcome to borrow them sometime. (her idea of humour)

It's how their relationship is at the moment, teasing, fighting, "borrowing", complaining about how one gets away with more than the other - Reality! lol

Heya, Ilka here. Chris and his stepsister Ronja are good mates. It's sweet to see how Ronja plays the big sister to perfection at times. And Chris , oh well he's got no choice but to be the little brother;p

Sunday, August 17

Back Soon

Hi everyone,
Sorry the team has been very busy lately, but keep checking back as a new theme will be posted by Sarah very soon.


Thursday, July 31

To Share

Hi All,
I just wanted to show you these wonderful layouts which were sent in by Joanne Rasmussen who lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Wonderful layouts Joanne and thank you for taking the time to send them in to us.

Monday, July 21

Today You ...

Hi everyone

It's my turn to pick the latest theme for Scrap the Teenz and I've chosen "Today You".

You can interpret this anyway you like. In the past, I have taken a random photo of my DD and written things about where she was at that stage in her life. This time I scrapbooked about a really exciting day when she met her idol.

The other ladies will be posting their layouts over the next few days.

Remember - we'd love to see your layouts on this or any other teen theme. Just email them to the address on the side.

Lianne - James was home from Hamilton where he goes to University on Sunday. It is always so nice just to have him at home.

Ilka - A busy working Sunday for Chris. Fortunately only a shorter shift , so time enough to enjoy the beach with his girlfriend! Might be one of the last working Sundays for a while as uni starts next week.

Sarah here. I love these photos of my 15 yo son having a great time on the swings at the park. They fitted this theme well.

Sunday, July 13

To Share

Hi all,
Raewyn sent us this wonderful double page layout featuring the 10 year relationship between her beautiful 15 year old daughter and Molly the cat.
I love the way the photos show the two of them at different ages.

Thank you for sharing your special layouts with us Raewyn.

Wednesday, July 9

Teens and their Pets

This time our theme is about Teens and Pets. Do they have a pet? Have they had a pet in the past? Would they like a pet? Do they want a pet but can't have one for some reason?

Scrap a LO about your teens and pets or animals they love.

My LO is about Emma and our dog Rio. Rio is such a ratbag of a dog, he digs holes, he gets under the house, he's always up to something. I moan about him but Emma always sticks up for him and says 'but he's so cute, look at him'. LOL, he does know how to be cute sometimes.

Hi All, recently we lost our ginger cat named Gerri, he made the very bad decision to cross the road at night and was sadly hit by a car.

My daughter Stephanie was particularly close to Gerri, he was her baby and she was devastated by his sudden passing, it has been a very hard learning curve for her.

Our house is very quiet without him around, we miss him a lot.
Here is what i created.

Hi all - Michele here and first time posting on blogger for me so fingers crossed I can work this ok. I've created a digital layout of my dd Ashleigh,with my 3rd baby Missy. Missy is my shadow and although Ash gives me a hard time about how I spoil her, she is also a little guilty of it as well. We have 3 cats, 2 males and one far as we're concerned - Missy is one of the girls!

Hi Everyone

Here's a quickie from me - I had trouble finding a picture of my older kids with our pets (we have 3 cats and a dog) although I have lots of my 3-yo daughter tormenting the poor creatures. Anyway, Chris very kindly posed for me with our dribbly cat Ebony, though the resulting photo hardly looks candid and 'natural' LOL.


Hi there scrapping buddies - Adrienne here - I have to apologise for the late submission - but I just LOVE my little westie puppy and had to finish this LO to share with you all. She is truly such a bright light in our lives - isn't it amazing what love and joy a pet can bring to family life. Tessa is so mischievious but so cute that we just spoil her with love and attention. She had a wonderful time helping Justin to build a water feature in the garden!!!

Heya everyone :) Ilka here, my LO is about Cosmo, the puppy my son's girlfriend got for her birthday end of last year. Chris isn't really a dogperson but Cosmo does not care, he adores Chris and won him over in record time;p Too cute!

Sunday, July 6

More To Share

Hi All,
I just wanted to share some layouts sent through by Marci Negranza, thanks for sharing them with us Marci they are beautiful.

Check out Marci's work...

Lianne will be posting a new theme very soon so don't forget to check back to see what our teenz have been up to.
Bye all,

Sunday, June 29

To Share

Hi all, i hope you have all had a great weekend and managed to stay warm and dry in this horrible winter weather?

I just wanted to share two layouts with you.

The first is a beautiful layout sent in by Michelle Frisby and features her daughter on her 18th birthday.....gorgeous work Michelle and thanks for sharing it with us.

And the second layout was sent to me by my very dear friend Carey Morris.
If the photo looks familiar....that's because it is!
It just so happened that Carey was scrapping the photo of my son Josh on his 16th birthday at the same time as i was scrapping it, and no we didn't have any idea what was happening.

Here's Carey's beautiful layout.

Josh loved your take on his photo Carey ;-)

Thank you ladies for sharing your beautiful work with us.

Sunday, June 22

Milestone Birthdays

Hi all, Ann here and it was my turn to choose the new theme this time around.

Our teens all look forward to those all important milestone birthdays, you know the ones i mean...Becoming a teenager at 13, the all important 16th and officially being recognised as an adult at 18.

My layout is about my son Josh last year on his 16th birthday.
Even scarier is the fact that he is turning 17 in 3 weeks....eeeek!
Where does the time go?

Here is Michele's layout for this theme, sounds like her lovely daughter Ashleigh had a great 13th birthday.

Postage Date Stamps – A Clegg
Staples, That’s Amore Freebie - CinziaL
Photo Edge Mask – Jessica Sprague
Overlay 1, Grungy & Weathered2 – Kim B
Overlay 2, Crumpled notepaper - Misstiina
Overlay 3, Bella - Nancie Rowe Janitz
Note paper, Sass for your class journal2 - JEdwards

Here's mine - I couldn't decide which birthday to choose so I combined a few of my sons milestone birthdays onto one LO. He loved looking at how he has changed over the years.

Heya Ilka here, mine is about Chris's 18th Birthday. It was not such a big deal for him after all, but I guess that's because he did a lot of growing up over the last two years prior. But adult or not, he'll always be my baby boy and he knows it LOL!
Lianne - for Emma's 15th birthday she just wanted a family day out. She wanted to get her nose pierced first then go to the zoo. So we spent a relaxed day at the zoo, then went out to dinner on the way home. Was an awesome day and she loved it.

Hi all. This is my take on Justin's 18th birthday. I really enjoyed doing this page so hope you enjoy the result. Happy scrapping - Adrienne

Wednesday, June 18

Coming Up

Hi all,
I just wanted to let you know that we have a brand new theme being posted at the end of this don't forget to check back soon.

We welcome submissions from everyone and would love to see your work, so if you would like to see your layouts, cards or off the page projects about your special teen(s) shown on here then don't be shy.

Send your work through to us at and we will showcase it on the blog for you.

Have a great week everyone.