Tuesday, December 4

Busy, busy

Sorry we have been a bit awol but it is a busy time of year isn't it! Here is some eye candy to keep you going though.

From Karen Haywood - love the attitude here!

And from Marci Negranza, gorgeous girl layouts.

And from Dea Burton lovely pictures of her teenage guys (sorry it has taken me so long to post these ones Dea)

Monday, November 19

Scrap the Talk!

Sometimes it seems like teenagers have their own language, especially when they get together with their friends. We wanted to capture some of the funny things they say or ways they speak at this time of their lives, so that is our inspiration theme for you this time - scrap some of those funny expressions they use or words that seem to keep cropping up in their conversation (keep it clean people lol!) or the different ways they talk around their friends compared to how they speak around adults. Here are some layouts from the team to get you started...

From Ann - I love the way Ann has given a translation for each of the expressions - I'm sure you will recognise some of these!

From Ilka - Don't the photo and accents fit the theme perfectly!

From Lianne - it's hard to tell from the pic but the top of the layout above the wave is transparent - very cool for this surfy themed layout.

And from me (Jo) a layout about my daughter's favourite word at the moment - lol.

Friday, November 2

But wait there's more!

First I must apologise to these talented ladies for the ridiculously long amount of time it has taken me to get around to putting these on the blog but check out how cool they are:

By Jennifer Johnson

How clever is Jennifer? Not only does she rock teen layouts but she rocks boy and girl layouts too!

And by Michele Stone
This layout manages to be humorous and poignant all at the same time and is about a time that all us parents of teens will be facing in the not too distant future. Check out the fabulous journalling below:
After fighting and screaming at each other for the last few months about being responsible and acting like an adult if you want to be treated like an adult (that was me) and not being a baby anymore, nor having to follow rules and being able to do what she likes (that was her) we finally arrived at this day.

We both wanted it - it was definitely time! Time for my little girl to venture out on her own - so that she could see how great she’d had it at home (me again), so that she could do what she liked, when she liked without having the oppression of her mother telling her what to do (yep that was her).Even with this knowledge and the promise of freedom (for both of us)....we cried!

It was a big moment for us - her raiding the cupboard as she ran out the door, and me moving my craft stuff into her old bedroom - but then it hit me that she was leaving and that an era of our lives was over - another one just beginning.

It’s not like she was moving cities and I’d never see her again - she comes into work 3 mornings a week to help out in the office and comes home on the odd occasion for a decent meal and to use the computer - but this door has closed (and locked!! - me lol) and we can now move on to a different stage in our relationship.

Change can be exciting, but we can still feel a little sad.

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Saturday, October 27

Scrap the Extremes!

Okay time for a new theme. My family has just been on a recent holiday to a place that has all sorts of extreme things to do...you know like bungy jumping etc. and the teens with us couldn't wait to try everything while the adults were a lot more cautious (or in my case downright chicken!). This got me thinking about how the teens is often a time when you think you are ten foot tall and bulletproof and have no fear. Now I put this to the team and not all of them agreed with me, seems there are also some very cautious teens out there and thank goodness for that! But we still thought we would scrap pages about our teenz extremism (is that a word?) or lack thereof as the case may be. So why don't you give it a go...if you have an extreme teen scrap some of the crazy things they do, or if you have a cautious teen scrap about something they have done that would have been considered extreme for them. Here are our takes on this idea:

By Lianne

By Ilka

By Lee

By Ann

By Sarah

By Jo.

Monday, October 22

We are so lucky!

to have so many talented scrappers of teens out there who are willing to share their work with us. Check it out...

by Carla Robinson -

I love how the colours in the photo are reflected in the paper choice - awesome!

And by Marci Negranza -

Thanks so much for sharing Marci, I think you have captured the many different sides of your teen perfectly in these layouts..."Joy" just cracked me up!

Keep 'em coming people.

Tuesday, October 16

Yet more inspiration for you

We love it when you send us your teen layouts - they are always so inspiring. Check out these ones we have received recently.

Sally Tompkins created this fabulous layout of her daughter. Love the way you have colourised the photos Sally.

And check out this cool as layout by Pam Thorburn of her daughter learning to knit, what a great idea to have actual knitting as one of your embellishments Pam! Pam also created the layout below "The Look" and I am sure we can all relate to the journalling lol!

And the rest of the fab teen layouts were created by Robyn Corcoran. Robyn tells us she has submitted due to pressure - we are sure glad you did Robyn! :O)

Wednesday, October 3

Scrap the Music

Sorry we have been a bit awol, but back again now and promise not to disappear again for a while lol. So here we are with a new theme and two new team members to give you even more inspiration. A big welcome to Sarah Groen and Ann Mclachlan - both fab scrappers and mums of teens. And our new theme to get you scrapping is 'music'. Most teens have a fascination with it and I don't know about yours but my teen is hardly ever without headphones in her ears. So here are our layouts based around the music theme, can't wait to see what you come up with. Remember to send us your layouts on this theme or any teen theme to scraptheteenz@hotmail.com and we will showcase them on the blog. All contributions welcome.





Saturday, September 8


Here is a great layout from Terri Holbrook for our 'softer side' theme. Isn't that so cute!!

Kate Mills sent in these beautiful teen layouts. So cute and special Kate.Check out these stunning layouts by Debbie B. Very cool teen layouts Debbie. Love the colours you've used.

And thank you Debbie Y for sending in these fantastic teen layouts. Some great ones for our 'softer side' theme here.

Please send your layouts to scraptheteenz@hotmail.com so we can post them on the blog.