Monday, November 19

Scrap the Talk!

Sometimes it seems like teenagers have their own language, especially when they get together with their friends. We wanted to capture some of the funny things they say or ways they speak at this time of their lives, so that is our inspiration theme for you this time - scrap some of those funny expressions they use or words that seem to keep cropping up in their conversation (keep it clean people lol!) or the different ways they talk around their friends compared to how they speak around adults. Here are some layouts from the team to get you started...

From Ann - I love the way Ann has given a translation for each of the expressions - I'm sure you will recognise some of these!

From Ilka - Don't the photo and accents fit the theme perfectly!

From Lianne - it's hard to tell from the pic but the top of the layout above the wave is transparent - very cool for this surfy themed layout.

And from me (Jo) a layout about my daughter's favourite word at the moment - lol.


Shell said...

LOL I remember one of my ex-students telling me I looked 'fat' with a big grin on his face... when I looked mortified he explained that it was the PHAT version which meant I looked great... still not sure on that one!

scrapgeek said...

I may not have a teen yet but I am loving your pages ladies :)

Ann said...

lol....your boys will be teenz before you know it Sharon ;-)