Friday, November 2

But wait there's more!

First I must apologise to these talented ladies for the ridiculously long amount of time it has taken me to get around to putting these on the blog but check out how cool they are:

By Jennifer Johnson

How clever is Jennifer? Not only does she rock teen layouts but she rocks boy and girl layouts too!

And by Michele Stone
This layout manages to be humorous and poignant all at the same time and is about a time that all us parents of teens will be facing in the not too distant future. Check out the fabulous journalling below:
After fighting and screaming at each other for the last few months about being responsible and acting like an adult if you want to be treated like an adult (that was me) and not being a baby anymore, nor having to follow rules and being able to do what she likes (that was her) we finally arrived at this day.

We both wanted it - it was definitely time! Time for my little girl to venture out on her own - so that she could see how great she’d had it at home (me again), so that she could do what she liked, when she liked without having the oppression of her mother telling her what to do (yep that was her).Even with this knowledge and the promise of freedom (for both of us)....we cried!

It was a big moment for us - her raiding the cupboard as she ran out the door, and me moving my craft stuff into her old bedroom - but then it hit me that she was leaving and that an era of our lives was over - another one just beginning.

It’s not like she was moving cities and I’d never see her again - she comes into work 3 mornings a week to help out in the office and comes home on the odd occasion for a decent meal and to use the computer - but this door has closed (and locked!! - me lol) and we can now move on to a different stage in our relationship.

Change can be exciting, but we can still feel a little sad.

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Ann said...

Beautiful work Jennifer!

I love this layout Michele, and your journalling is amazing!

Jette/Thanni said...

This is my first visit here..but surely not the last :)
So many beautefull layouts, and I love that journaling about the girl leaving home..:)

Moni said...

Wow these are fantastic.
I'm not sure if I missed something but how do we submit a layout here?