Friday, July 27

Surf Lifesaving

Hi All
This is what Scott likes to do. We are so proud of him ... and anxious everytime he goes out! Once again It's my lack of scanning skills that creates those little brown tags.
Cheers Lee

Wednesday, July 25

Scrap their Sport and/or Hobby

Ilka scrapped about her son and his girlfriends new found hobby of baking. Ooh yum Ilka, wish I could get mine to do some baking willingly.

Lianne - I've scrapped about my son's surfing - he has been surfing competitively since he was 13 - these photos are of him in a heat at the Maori Nationals last November. For extra fun try scrapping a 6x12 layout. I'm loving this size at the moment.Jo has scrapped about her daughters love of dancing - and the great friendships she has made.

We'd love to see you scrap about your teens sport or hobby. Send your layouts to so we can share them on the blog.

Monday, July 23

Lots of teen inspiration here!!

Wow check out these great layouts. Thanks for sending them in ladies. It's so cool looking at all the different things you scrap about your teens.
And a message for Pumpkin!! Can you please send your layouts again but a bit smaller as I'm on dial-up and it takes soooo long to download them. I tried emailing you back a couple of times but it didn't go through. So please I'd love to share them with everyone but if you could send them smaller that would be great.
More layouts from Dione Evans.
And Dea BurtonAnd more from Lisa Balm And here's some great layouts from Leone Karzon Please send your layouts to
And look out for a new theme on Wednesday.

Monday, July 16

Achievements and more inspiration

Debbie Kingston sent in this cool layout about her son receiving an Award for Excellence in Multi Media. Wow what a great achievement Debbie. He produced a video game that won him the award. Fantastic.
Check out this cool layout by Ann McLachlan. GIRLS RULE!! YEAH!! Stella Baker sent in this layout of her son driving cars at an amusement park. It made her realise how fast time is rolling by with her son. It just seems to get faster the older they get.
Some more great layouts from Sharryn Thomson of her lovely daughter. Gorgeous layouts Sharryn. Thanks for sharing.
Check out these cool layouts sent in by Dea Burton. Thanks so much Dea for sharing them with us.

Friday, July 13

Hi all,

here's my LO on the crazy things Teens ask of you. Yep, Scott and I have wrestled many times. We usually call a truce to end it and we then argue who was the winner. Most times it was him and I was begging for a tag partner .. but don't tell him that! LOL


Wednesday, July 11

The Crazy things we do!!

Our theme for this week is scrap those crazy things you do for your teen, suggested by Judy Gallegos. Thanks Judy for your great theme idea. I can't believe you went out and got your son and his girlfriend (I presume) some Salsa Verde Dorito chips and took them to her place, oh actually yes I can. The things we do for them!! And here is Jo's layout. Did you really scan their faces Jo. Crazy alright!! LOL, aren't they hard case sometimes.
And here is mine. Yes I drove all the way down to James at University to take him some bits and pieces he needed to get a new licence for ID so he could go out clubbing for his eighteenth birthday. I know, CRAZY aye, but that's what it's all about isn't it and we just want them to enjoy their young life.Please leave us some love cause we love to be loved too.
And send you layouts to

Sunday, July 8

Some more cool teen scrapping inspiration

Firstly, as promised, the rest of Lisa Balm's layouts. Thanks Lisa for sending in all those cool teen layouts. And next we have 2 great layouts from Charmaine Size of her son and a budding photographer too by the look of it. Thanks Charmaine they are awesome.Next we have some layouts sent in by Carla Robinson. Some great theme ideas, thanks Carla.
And Audrey Gonzales sent in this layout of her son; great to see he's lovin life, as they should as teens.
And lastly my layout for the Achievement theme. We are so proud James made it right through to the end of High School, a hard thing to do when the money is calling and they want cool things.

Please send your layouts to