Wednesday, August 20

Teens and their Siblings (or close family)

Hi, Sarah here. I chose "Teens and their Siblings" as the theme this time. I have 5 kids varying in age from 3 to 17 so I have lots of opportunities to record those priceless moments between brothers and sisters. Here is my take on this one. I took the photo last week whilst Jaime (15) and Sophie (3) were just fooling around in front of the TV. Its not a particularly great photo but it is so representative of the relationship that they share right now that I love it.

:) Sarah

Hi everyone, Adrienne here. What a great theme to scrap! Thanks Sarah...I just love the way the boys share life - even though they dont realise the bond they are forming with each other each day. Enjoy!!

Michele here, how is everyone?I loved this theme and it couldnt have come at a better time? DD #1 is living away from home now but often calls in home, to raid the cupboards and use the computer.

Ashleigh let out a yell the other night when she got a message from her darling big sister on facebook - saying that she seems to have a wardrobe full of Ashleigh's clothes, but that Ash was welcome to borrow them sometime. (her idea of humour)

It's how their relationship is at the moment, teasing, fighting, "borrowing", complaining about how one gets away with more than the other - Reality! lol

Heya, Ilka here. Chris and his stepsister Ronja are good mates. It's sweet to see how Ronja plays the big sister to perfection at times. And Chris , oh well he's got no choice but to be the little brother;p

Sunday, August 17

Back Soon

Hi everyone,
Sorry the team has been very busy lately, but keep checking back as a new theme will be posted by Sarah very soon.