Friday, January 25

Food Glorious Food!

Hi everyone - happy new year. All the scrap the teenz contributors live downunder and we have been soaking up the sun down here and enjoying our summer holidays so we apologise for the lack of action around here! But we are back and raring to go with fresh new ideas for ways to scrap those sometimes difficult to scrap teen years.The theme we have chosen this fortnight is food and our teens relationship with it. The teen years can be so busy and food is often something grabbed in a rush and usually of the fast food variety it seems (or at least that's how it is in this house!) Gone are those days when you had much of a say over what they are putting in their mouths, and as one of our blog contributors, Sarah says: To think that I worried about them not having a balanced diet as toddlers!Anyway, without further ado, here are some ways that we have tackled the subject of food and teens in our pages. Enjoy!

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By Ilka

By Ann

By Sarah

By Jo

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