Wednesday, June 27

Hi all
Last year was a fantastic year for Josh. He passed NCEA Level 3, got his licence, got accepted into a Bachelor of Science in Applied Animal Technology and amongst other things he knew where he wanted to be in life - a great achievement - fab idea for a teen layout!
Cheers Lee

Ready for a new theme?

Okay then...this theme is a bit kinder to our teens than showcasing their attitudes to having their photos taken, or their messy bedrooms lol! This time we are going to scrap their achievements. We are all so busy with our lives and it is a busy time being a teenager and sometimes we forget to sit down and tell them how proud we are of them and what they do. So that is our theme for the next fortnight...scrapping those things they do that make you incredibly proud of them. Have fun and don't forget to send your layouts on this theme or any other teen layouts or any tips you have or cool teen websites you know of to

Jo :O)



Monday, June 25

Our first gorgeous layout was sent in by Lee Meredith, of her daughter sitting on the side of the road thinking, as they do. Thanks Lee.
And this layout sent in by Leanne Scarborough for the 'Get out of my Face' theme. Classic 'What!! Whatever!!' and Leanne said check out the frustration in her knuckles. She SO did not want her photo taken.
And check out these great teen boy layouts by Terri Holbrook. Thanks so much Terri for sending these in to share. Great inspiration. I love the title 'Stars of Tomorrow' Terri.
Check back on Wednesday for a new theme idea.

Please send your layouts to
please leave comments for the ladies who send in their fantastic layouts.

Saturday, June 23

More inspiration for you!!!

Check out these great layouts from Lisa Balm. Look out for more of Lisas layouts in the next post. Thanks Lisa for your inspiration.
Shawnnita Fairburn sent in this layout of her son. I love the big bold circle - looks great Shawnnita. Thanks for sharing it with us.

And lastly today these 2 layouts by Pam Thorburn. They are just awesome Pam and I'm glad this blog has given you the push to get scrapping your teen layouts. Thanks for sharing and for the great ideas for teen layouts!!

Send your layouts to

Monday, June 18

Teenage bedroom layout plus more ...

Nancy McCoy sent in this layout for the Teenage bedroom theme. She thinks it falls into the messy bedroom category, I think you're right Nancy, LOL. She used an advertisement for the layout design. Looks awesome Nancy.
Some layouts sent in by Vanessa Rupp of her teen son. Awesome Vanessa, thanks heaps for sending them in.

And some more great layouts from Dione Evans. Thanks again Dione.

Send your layouts to

Sunday, June 17

Another Teen Bedroom

Sorry I am late ladies...had the week from hell trying to set up wireless internet for the kid's computer so we can put it in the dining room where I can see what they are up to on it! Mum's of teens I know you will relate to this totally lol! Anyhoo here is my teen's room - it is an atrocious mess - this was a good day, you should see it now! but there are some places in there that I like to look at when I venture in, her nicknack dresser is always tidy for some reason, even though her desk is piled with folded washing, rubbish and general paraphanalia. She has this cool clear umbrella she has hung from the curtain rod and filled with stuff and along with the rainblow she has painted and hung on the wall it looks really funky, and her porcelain baby doll in the moses basket I used when Sarah was a babe is never covered in junk either. So I called this layout "Some calm among the chaos" to show that there are some nice parts in an otherwise chaotic mess! Glad to see there are other messy rooms out there and it is NOT a reflection of my bad parenting lol.

Jo :O)

Saturday, June 16

Inspiration galore!! WOW!!

Thank you so much for sending in your awesome layouts. They are all so inspiring. Here's just a few that have been sent in. Look out for some more in a couple of days.

Thanks to Sharryn Thomson for sending in these 4 awesome layouts.

And to Mardi Winen for these 3 gorgeous layouts. Thanks again Mardi.

And Melleny Ams sent in these 4 fantastic layouts. Thanks Mel.

And lastly today these awesome layouts from Dione Evans. Thanks Dione.

Wednesday, June 13

Teen bedrooms

Here's an idea for you!! Take a photo of your teens bedroom, probably messy and gross but hopefully lovely and tidy, hehe. And scrap it!! They'll thank you one day.
I kind of wish I could look back into my bedroom now and see what it was like - messy, tidy, I can't remember actually. What was on the walls, on the floors, hanging around, LOL, like Emmas room here. Have fun with this idea and send your layouts to along with any other teen layouts or tips you may have.


Lee Ilka


Sunday, June 10

Wow, more cool layouts

How cute is this layout sent in by Audrey Gonzales. LOL, love that funny face.
"Please smile and then I'll go away". How many times have we had to say that. Thanks Ann McLachlan for sending in this great layout.
And check out these 2 layouts sent in by Mardi Winen. Thanks Mardi for your gorgeous layouts. I love that they grabbed the camera and did their own photo booth type photos. Very cool.

Please send in your layouts to Look forward to seeing some more. And check back on Wednesday for a new theme to inspire you.

Wednesday, June 6

More cool teen layouts

Our first layout is from Sharon Manning of her 'cheeky' but cute daughter. Capturing the everyday stuff with teenagers, LOL."You can dress them up and they still make faces" said Julie Allen-Waters when she sent in this layout of her son dressed in a suit.This layout sent in by Lisa Warner really cracked me up, of her son and daughter in a moment of not wanting to have their photo taken. ROFL. Thanks Lisa. Love the journaling.And last but not least this layout sent all the way from Germany by Barbara Haane of her daughter jumping up and shouting "No more pictures, mom". The title translates to 'Escape'. And as Barbara said our theme 'Get out of my Face' fits with teenagers all over the world!!
Keep sending in those layouts. We'd love to share them!! And don't forget if you have any cool teen links or tips, please share those too.