Saturday, June 16

Inspiration galore!! WOW!!

Thank you so much for sending in your awesome layouts. They are all so inspiring. Here's just a few that have been sent in. Look out for some more in a couple of days.

Thanks to Sharryn Thomson for sending in these 4 awesome layouts.

And to Mardi Winen for these 3 gorgeous layouts. Thanks again Mardi.

And Melleny Ams sent in these 4 fantastic layouts. Thanks Mel.

And lastly today these awesome layouts from Dione Evans. Thanks Dione.


grover said...

tons of great ideas here--lovin' the lo's gals!

Liddy said...

Fabulous l/o's. Great inspiration, we see so many layout ideas with younger kids, but scrapping the teen years allows freedom to try all the new funky, off the edge techniques and ideas that such fun to do. Plus it makes the kids feel special. if not now in years to come. WTG.