Saturday, October 27

Scrap the Extremes!

Okay time for a new theme. My family has just been on a recent holiday to a place that has all sorts of extreme things to know like bungy jumping etc. and the teens with us couldn't wait to try everything while the adults were a lot more cautious (or in my case downright chicken!). This got me thinking about how the teens is often a time when you think you are ten foot tall and bulletproof and have no fear. Now I put this to the team and not all of them agreed with me, seems there are also some very cautious teens out there and thank goodness for that! But we still thought we would scrap pages about our teenz extremism (is that a word?) or lack thereof as the case may be. So why don't you give it a go...if you have an extreme teen scrap some of the crazy things they do, or if you have a cautious teen scrap about something they have done that would have been considered extreme for them. Here are our takes on this idea:

By Lianne

By Ilka

By Lee

By Ann

By Sarah

By Jo.

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Kate T said...

Awesome layouts girls!