Wednesday, July 9

Teens and their Pets

This time our theme is about Teens and Pets. Do they have a pet? Have they had a pet in the past? Would they like a pet? Do they want a pet but can't have one for some reason?

Scrap a LO about your teens and pets or animals they love.

My LO is about Emma and our dog Rio. Rio is such a ratbag of a dog, he digs holes, he gets under the house, he's always up to something. I moan about him but Emma always sticks up for him and says 'but he's so cute, look at him'. LOL, he does know how to be cute sometimes.

Hi All, recently we lost our ginger cat named Gerri, he made the very bad decision to cross the road at night and was sadly hit by a car.

My daughter Stephanie was particularly close to Gerri, he was her baby and she was devastated by his sudden passing, it has been a very hard learning curve for her.

Our house is very quiet without him around, we miss him a lot.
Here is what i created.

Hi all - Michele here and first time posting on blogger for me so fingers crossed I can work this ok. I've created a digital layout of my dd Ashleigh,with my 3rd baby Missy. Missy is my shadow and although Ash gives me a hard time about how I spoil her, she is also a little guilty of it as well. We have 3 cats, 2 males and one far as we're concerned - Missy is one of the girls!

Hi Everyone

Here's a quickie from me - I had trouble finding a picture of my older kids with our pets (we have 3 cats and a dog) although I have lots of my 3-yo daughter tormenting the poor creatures. Anyway, Chris very kindly posed for me with our dribbly cat Ebony, though the resulting photo hardly looks candid and 'natural' LOL.


Hi there scrapping buddies - Adrienne here - I have to apologise for the late submission - but I just LOVE my little westie puppy and had to finish this LO to share with you all. She is truly such a bright light in our lives - isn't it amazing what love and joy a pet can bring to family life. Tessa is so mischievious but so cute that we just spoil her with love and attention. She had a wonderful time helping Justin to build a water feature in the garden!!!

Heya everyone :) Ilka here, my LO is about Cosmo, the puppy my son's girlfriend got for her birthday end of last year. Chris isn't really a dogperson but Cosmo does not care, he adores Chris and won him over in record time;p Too cute!


Anonymous said...

Great composition Lianne - love the look on his face!
Special page Ann - one to keep the good memories alive and remember the special bond they had.

Ann said...

Great layouts ladies!

Well done on your first posting Michele!

Have a good weekend everyone.