Monday, June 2


Hi there teen scrappers.

Adrienne here to start the ball rolling with scrapping "teen achievements". All our teens achieve at some level but often we need to show them that they can achieve anything if they just try.... This sentiment was the inspiration for my layout. John and the boys went on their first-ever trip to the snow last year and learnt how to ski. Not only had the boys never seen snow, they had no idea how to walk on it ..... let alone ski! They had a quick lesson and then a long practice session .... They had their best-ever fun and achieved a new skill (well, almost).

Hope you all have fun with this topic. (P.S. I had such fun with the snowflakes which I have never been able to use before....Yee Haa!!)

Hi, Sarah here. This is my take on this one. Winning the Westlake junior 1500m race and setting a new school record was a real buzz for my youngest son, Adam. Hi All...Ann here.
My layout for this theme is about the achievements my daughter made at college, i wanted her to be able to look back later on and see just how well she had done at school.
Lianne - We were so proud when James was picked and sponsored to go on the Spirit of New Zealand. He had the most amazing time, one he will never forget. When I showed him the LO he got the map out and showed me where they went again it was great for him to reminisce this wonderful part of his life. I used this gorgeous NZ fabric on this LO, the fabric has these cool blocks of designs which I cut out with jac paper attached to the back (makes it easy to cut fabric) and mounted some on chipboard randomly to give a 3D effect.

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