Friday, May 16

Dislikes/fears theme

Heya everyone, Ilka here. This months theme is dislikes or fear. That can be the big or the little things.

I chose Chris's dislike of raw tomatoes, he really really hates them. But he loves anything made with processed tomatoes! Go figure;p

Lianne's gorgeous LO features her daughter Emma's fear of spiders. Here is my take - Chris has a real fear of needles so being a blood donor for the first time was a HUGE deal for him! :)Sarah
When i asked Stephanie to make up a list of her dislikes so i could put them on a layout, the only thing that she could come up with is her dislike of the colour pink.
So here's my take on Ilka's theme using Steph's dislike.
;-) Ann

Hi there scrapping bloggers. Adrienne here. THANK YOU for allowing me the privledge of contributing to this great blog. WOW, What inspiration this blog is for those of us with teens. Sometimes it is hard to find a good way to scrap our "almost adults" in a way which captures this age group and still be acceptable to the teen being scrapped. I often hear "Oh, Mom. How can you use THAT photo!!"

I am trying out new techniques and finding a new style at the moment so all help is welcome.......

I have three boys - Justin who is 18, Sheldon - 15 and Andrew is almost 13. Three teenage boys is quite a handful but then most of you know that anyway...

Chat soon....


Anonymous said...

Great to see such a diversity of takes to this theme!
A big welcome to Adrienne!

Ann said...

Great layouts girls, and go Adrienne....welcome aboard and fab layout ;-)