Thursday, May 31

Some cool teen layouts

Check out these cool teen layouts that have been sent in already. I was so excited to add these to the blog. They are fantastic.
This first layout is from Kathy Ferguson of her daughter having a lovely time on her 18th birthday. Gorgeous Kathy.
This layout was sent in by Sandra Patton, will you check out that classic face.
Thanks Sandra, its perfect.
Here's another great 'Get out of my Face' layout from Nancy McCoy. The old threatening to paint you trick.

And lastly from Judy Gallegos, another "I so can't be bothered with you taking my photo right now" face. Hehe.

Thanks heaps ladies for sending in your layouts. They are awesome. Keep sendimg them in and I'll add some more to the blog when I get a few.


Lee said...

These are great. This is going to be one fabulous site! Keep those layouts coming in.

Dianna said...

This is a pretty cool find. Great idea.

Jo said...

Awesome to see these layouts up already everyone, and what cool layouts too - this is going to be so fab seeing all your fantastic work...keep it coming :O)

Sharon Manning said...

Great layouts girls!