Tuesday, May 29


And here's Lee's layout inspired by the Vodafone ad where the guy is walking along and the background is all sketched. You know the one!! How clever is she. Road signs and cones are sometimes collected by teenagers and stored in their bedrooms!!:))

Check out the latest Scrapbooking Memories (Vol 8, No 11), page 69 for a Teen Tribute gallery.


Donna said...

Brilliant layout. I've always admired how they did that ad.
Great new inspiration blog girls. Look forward to checking it out some more soon.
{you're scaring me actually! Only 3 more years til the teens hit our house - eek and I've already got some 'attitude' layouts forming!}

Ilka said...

Love the ad and your LO using the idea of it too! Awesome drawing!
Every time I see the ipod ad I am thinking I should use it for a LO as my son seems to be constantly plugged into something or other;p

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea for a blog. I saw your challenge for "Get out of my face" layouts and I knew I had just the right pictures. I will submit a layout as soon as I get one finished. Thanks for the inspiration.

Nancy (who for some reason can not sign in to blogger anymore)

Debbie K said...

Awesome layout by Lee. Love the blog ladies, have added it to my favourites. Having two teenage sons of my own....I think I will feel at home here.
Debbie Kingston