Monday, May 28

Hello and welcome to Scrap The Teenz

It's not easy raising teenagers and just as hard to get photos of them to scrapbook. They're hardly ever home and when they are they're often sleeping or wishing they were hanging with their friends or boyfriends/girlfriends. They are very independent and only love us when they want money or transport.
But really most of the time they are OK and quite a pleasure to have around. Sometimes you can have great conversations with them too. AND they can be very entertaining at times and give you a good laugh.
Which brings me to why Jo and I have started this blog. We find, having teenagers, there is not alot of inspiration out there for scrapping teen layouts. So we'd like to dedicate this blog to just that. Along the lines of Scrap the Boys and Scrap the Girls we'd like to bring you Scrap the Teenz.
Once a fortnight we'll post a particular theme, just for inspiration. And we'd like you to submit your teen layouts so that we can post them on the blog for other people to see and get inspiration from. It will be a gallery of teen layouts. You can use the theme we've posted to inspire you to do a teen layout or you can just send in a teen layout.
We are also very lucky to have the super amazing Kim Archer helping us out. I have adored Kim's scrapbooking for as long as I have been scrapbooking and was rapt she was keen to do this.
The other thing you can do is send in any cool teen related links that might be of interest to parents of teenagers or teenagers themselves e.g. food for teens, cool teen digi stuff, cool teen clothes sites, ANYTHING.
I'd also like to thank Lee Thoresen for agreeing to be a contributor to our teen blog, Lee has been published in recent issues of Up2Scrap magazine with her beautiful, creative work and is a school teacher and mother of teenagers.
So without further ado here are some layouts to inspire you I hope.

Our first theme is:


Try scrapping those photos that just as you push the button they ruin it by poking out their tongue with food in their mouth or making crazy signs and faces or throwing their shoe at you, LOL. Have fun and we look forward to seeing your layouts.


Submit your layouts to (100kb or less) and I'll post them on the blog once or twice a week.


Rach H said...
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Rach H said...

sorry i had to delete my other message as it came up saying @xtra??

anyway anyway............congrats on setting up such a cool + inspiring blog.
look forward to seeing many more inspiring LO's

Sharryn Thomson said...

Looks great Lianne...
Good luck with this awesome blog.
Sharryn :)
(Scrap the Boys)

Sharon Manning said...

YAY this is going to be a certain daily visit for me, I have 2 girls one 14 and one nearly 13 next week and only scrapped a teen layout yesterday on my eldest....I want to do more!
Congratulations girls on a great blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ida said...

Yay! You guys rock!!!!!!!!
Well done.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea - can't wait to see some more teen LO.

Ann said...

With two teenagers this will certainly be somewhere i will visit regularly.... look's great Lianne.

Country Megs said...

Awesome Blog Lianne and Jo,
COngrats on such a great idea. I don't have teens, but have Teen nephews and am waaay more inspired to create layouts on them now.
Country Megs

Chris Millar said...

Good on you gals for setting this up! I'm sure it will be a huge inspiration to many!

Andrea Senn said...

Yay Lianne and Jo! Looks totally awesome. Big congrats.

paula said...

way to go girls great idea, thankfully i'm not there yet no teenagers in this house for awhile Good luck with the blog and the teenagers!

Monique also known as Meek! said...

What a fun site you guys...havn't got teens yet..(thank goodness, tee hee) but I'll still be a regular just ogling the gawjus layouts anyway lol!

Sandra said...

OMG....what a great idea. I have 5 (yes 5) teenagers living in my house and I feel like I've become a specialist in teenscrapping!!! Will definitely have to mark this blog as a favorite and contribute. Now to find the 'scrapthelabradors' site lol!!

grover said...

GREAT idea!
I have son..a teen..and so many layouts about him!
Looking forward to soaking up some inspiration here and sharing with ya'll!

Have scrapped a few pics on this posts topic..the silly pics where you know-they are just done having pics!

~Kathryn~ said...

fabulous - a great idea for a blog
loving the work that is up here already

Kim Archer said...

way to go girls! You already know what a great idea I think this is!! Thanks for askign me to be part of it:)

Ilka said...

Big Congrats!!What a fabulous idea gals! Your blog looks fantastic! Having 1-2 teenage kids this seems a blog made for me!!! *adds to favorites*
Looking forward to sharing our teenagers traumas and tributes 0.o

Natallie King said...

Great work Lianne, on doing this . I have two DDs one is 15 and the other turns 13 in October. Hope to find inspiration here.

stefani said...

Awesome! Awesome! And here I thought I would have to stop scrapping since there is a teen (and soon to be more) in the family! I am SO excited to get over my scrapping block!!!! :)