Thursday, April 10

Teen Fashion theme

Hi Everyone, Sarah here. This month it is my turn to chose the theme. Whilst I was pondering the possibilities my youngest son adam (the family fashionista) bowled into the room, wearing his 17 year old brother's jeans and designer T. His hair was spiked with what looked like at least two tubs of gel. Thats when the idea of a 'Teen fashion" theme occurred to me! I originally intended to do a page about my kids bulging (and ever changing) wardrobes but when I was looking through my older photos it suddenly occurred to me how many different hair styles (and hair colours) that Adam has tried out over the last two years. My page just came together from there. Look forward to seeing everyone elses takes on this one.

James was proudly showing me his latest purchases from the Op Shop (poor uni student, LOL) and he was saying this is what everyones wearing. Then it occured to me I could do my LO about this, so he let me take some photos and voila here it is.

When I heard we were doing 'fashion' I knew I wanted to do a little spin on those fashion magazine pages that show the 'star' and 'the how to get the look';p
So here's what's hot -according to Chris. Actually I rather like the way he dresses these days!

Hi everyone, Ann here.
I'm running a bit late posting my layout this time, but better late than never right?
Josh has a wardrobe that basically consists of black shorts and a selection of Linkin Park t-shirts (this just happens to be his favourite band) and seeing as he's not really a fashionista i thought i'd just scrap his basics.

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Kwebbel said...

Hi Sarah,
what a beautyful theme.
And your KLo looks really great!

Rainy Greetings from Germany