Friday, March 14

Teens & their Grandparents

Hi all,
Ann here and it's my turn to choose the theme this time around.

For a while now i have wanted to scrap a layout using photos of my two teens and their grandparents (so it was easy to set the theme this

Growing up, my two grandmothers were a very important part of my life so i'm overjoyed that my teens have amazing grandparents who are always there for them.

This theme doesn't have to be just about grandparents, does your teen look up to an older member of their family?
Perhaps an aunt or uncle or cousin?...Anyone who your teen admires and respects.

The team will upload their layouts as they complete them and we look forward to seeing what you come up with.

So please send your layouts through to

Bye everyone.


Lianne's LO

Sarahs LO

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lianne said...

awesome Ann, so great to get a pic of your teens with their grandparents.