Thursday, February 21

Teenz and their Wheels

Hey everyone, I chose the theme this time, inspired by events that happened about a month ago with my youngest teen. He drove his car when he knew full well that he shouldn't as 1-it wasn't legal & 2-he only has his learners license - and here in New Zealand, that means no driving alone... not to mention with a non-licensed passenger & 3 we had taken his keys off him, as we were going out. Anyway you guessed it... he got caught! So as every self respecting scrapbooker should ... I decided to scrap it!!!!!(it's a bit like racing for your camera first when your toddler hurts themselves).
The rest of the team will upload their layouts as they complete them. Of course 'Teenz and their wheels' don't have to be just about cars - you choose your own take on the theme.
I can't wait to see them all.

Hi everyone, here's my take on Lee's great theme.

...and here is Ilka's

Here is my take on this theme - another learning to drive LO

:))) Sarah

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Dianna said...

Great layouts ladies. Good topic too.